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Our Mongo’s family is proud to be your destination for a gathering.  We’ll see you soon…and we’ll keep the grill on for you!


Your hours may vary form week to week and occasionally you may be asked to stay late, leave early or come in on your day off.
I understand that this employment application and any other company documents are not contracts of employment and that any individual who is hired may voluntarily leave employment or may be terminated by the employer at any time for any or no reasons. I understand that any oral or written statements to the contrary are hereby expressly disavowed and should not be relied upon by any prospective or existing employee. This Employment Application is used to notify me that the nature and scope of an investigation, if one is conducted, could include such general identification information as residence verification, and, as applicable, information concerning my employment, education, general reputation, character, personal characteristics, and habits, and that such information may be developed through personal interviews with third parties such as family members, neighbors, friends, associates, former employers, financial sources, and custodians of official records. Only job-related information developed from such a report will be considered in evaluating my employment application or continued employment. I hereby authorize these persons, companies, organizations or corporations to answer all questions or release any information regarding the items listed in this paragraph. I hereby release them from any liability and hold them harmless from any claim for releasing any truthful information within their knowledge and/or records. I authorize Mongo’s Grill to release to any person, firm, entity or organization with which I may seek employment in the future, any truthful information concerning my work experience with Mongo’s Grill. I hereby release and hold Mongo’s Grill harmless from any claim for releasing any truthful information within its knowledge and/or records.


Fresh Food Ideas® L.L.C.

760 E. King St. Suite# 105
Meridian, ID 83642


(208) 639-3306


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