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Step 1

Select your ingredients!

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Step 1

How to do Mongo’s:

Collect your feasting bowl and start creating. Veggies are your first layer of yum. Add in your protein and noodles…these options are intense! Protein is your second layer and noodles hold everything in place. Then it’s the Sauce Stop…you can fire up your taste buds with a bit of wild, stick to sweet and savory, add a little salt…the choice is all yours! Then add a dash of WOW at the Spice Station and you are ready to watch your creation become your feast.

Step 2

Watch us grill it up!

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Step 2

Are you ready for the second step?

Prepare to be astounded! It’s time to turn your future feast over to our Grillmasters. Before your masterpiece sizzles on the grill, one last offer of ‘mix-ins’—rices, wraps, tortillas—is made. We want to ensure you experience Mongo’s to the fullest! And then it’s Game On! Watch your meal being cooked and our Grillmasters get a complete workout! And then we garnish… Oh yeah…we can top off your one of a kind creation in a variety of ways!

Step 3

Sit back and enjoy your creation!

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Step 3

The Feast!

You have created a one-of-a-kind delectable dish that’s uniquely yours. Time to sit and experience the fresh ingredients, the pairings of beverages and desserts and the lively and whimsical environment that is Mongo’s Grill. Want to do it all over again? It’s our pleasure!

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Which Winnipeg store did it better, the Kenaston team or the Regent team? #mannequinchallenge

Hot Honey Garlic Beef- Served with your choice of rice (California brown rice, Mongo’s fried rice, or steamed white rice) and includes our fresh vegetables (broccoli, pea pods, water chestnuts, carrots).


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And our Regent Ave location in #winnipeg nailed it! #MannequinChallenge

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1412 Ellice Ave Unit C-1 Winnipeg, MB R3G 0G4

3701 West Division St.St. Cloud, Minnesota

15 Gateway Boulevard Brampton, ON L6T 0H4

1075 Memorial Ave. Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 4A4

1721 Kenaston Blvd. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mongo’s Grill – Regent 4-1570 Regent Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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