That’s FUNitarianism

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What is this FUNitarianism that everyone’s talking about, you ask?

Well, imagine this scenario: Your spouse has just informed you that the entire family is in town for the week. And TONIGHT is your night to entertain—and more importantly—keep the many diverse members happy and on speaking terms. You start to panic. Who wouldn’t? Aunt Tilly is on a gluten-free diet, Uncle Sol has to watch his salt, your cousin Mike eats everything in massive quantities, your niece is a Vegan, your spouse a seafood-aholic.

Will you blow this test and be the person talked about at the next family gathering?

Relax! We got this.

We can satisfy even the most restrictive of diets—and picky palates. And you can sit back and enjoy your happy family, all together at one dining table, embracing FUNitarianism to the fullest—and knowing with certainty that you rocked their little world. There is truly something amazing for everyone…all in one HAPPY, FUN place.

They won’t talk about you…they’ll RAVE about their night at Mongo’s!