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At Mongo’s we are a family—and we would love for you to be a part of what makes our family healthy and fun.
Share your FUNitarian experiences with us! Check in! Let us know how YOU are doing and how WE are doing. See you soon!

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If you haven't tried salmon in one of your bowls, you may want to after reading this article:

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If you're looking for a light lunch option, you came to the right place. Try our Veggie Alfredo or the Veggie Mondo for a healthy and delicious meal!

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Do you follow our recipe cards or do you create your own unique stir fry like Russ? 😋

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Friday is a great day for sea food 🙂 #nomnom #seafood

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You might like mustard on your burger, but we bet you didn't know that mustard seed can treat many diseases. Find its health benefits here:

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Want to taco'bout it? Swing by for our Chicken Tacos this evening!

Create your own feast by selecting your ingredients or select from one of our favourite recipes here 👉

Have you tried #edamame in your stir fry? #healthyfood #stirfry

Add some spice to your week with the help of Mongo's Grill!

One bowl, endless options. Tell us your favorite recipe at Mongo's Grill below! 👇🍲

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