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The following is a list of items served in Mongo’s Grill items that are Gluten Free:

  Any Protein except, Ham, Sausage and Imitation Crab
  All Vegetables.
  Pad Thai Noodles.
  The following sauces are Gluten Free:
      Orange pineapple
      Red Wine
      Red Pepper
  All Oils are Gluten Free

  All Spices are Gluten Free and may be used in place of the sauces.
  When using Spices in place of Sauces, please inform your griller so that an
  appropriate amout of liquid can be added for proper cooking.
  White and Brown Rice are Gluten Free
  The following items contain or may contain Gluten
    Fried Rice is NOT Gluten Free because it contains Soy Sauce.
    Tortillas and Wraps are NOT Gluten Free because they are made from wheat flour.
    All Soups may contain modified food starch and therefore are NOT Gluten Free.

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